Jacob & Kayla

September 19, 2020Fredericksburg, VA, USA

Our Story
Our Story- Kayla's Perspective

Jake and I met back in high school. He caught my attention when I was a freshman and he was a junior. I thought he was so cute and so cool because well he was older and a lacrosse player. I wrote on his facebook wall, I liked his facebook pictures, I talked to our mutual friends about him haha I did anything I could to get his attention. We also have the same birthday so we always had to tell each other happy birthday, which was a plus for me.. that meant he had to talk to me at least once a year hahah! Finally one day he noticed me, he asked me to skip soccer practice and go fishing with him (with a torn acl... on crutches) and I willingly went haha! (Sorry mom & dad). Jake was too cool for me though since he was older and was going off to college and nothing came of it.
We ended up parting ways for awhile and then ended up hanging out at a party he threw at his parents house while they were away. (sorry Mr. and Mrs. Payne) Again... we parted ways.
We stayed friends and had the same friend group, but only hung out for group get togethers here and there. I had no intentions of anything coming from our friendship, really didn't see him in that way. Somehow though we started hanging out and without trying we ended up wanting to be more than friends. We started dating and pretty early on both knew that this was it. I knew that I was only going to be with him. Guess Jake wasn't too cool for me after all ;)
11 months later, we went on vacation with my family in Virginia Beach for our mutual birthdays and the day after he popped the question during family photos and I of course said yes!
I never would have guessed that my old high school crush/fling would have been the one to give me the ring.
Lets #Popthechampayne people!

The Wedding

Saturday, September 19, 2020
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Saint Marys Catholic Church
1009 Stafford Ave, Fredericksburg, Virginia, 22401, United States
Other Events

The Reception @ The Harris House
Saturday, September 19, 2020
6:00 PM - 12:00 AM
Wedding Party

Kristina Schuster - Matron of Honor
Katie Harris - Maid of Honor
Sara Yoder - Bridesmaid
Channa Mcguinness - Bridesmaid
Lindsey Deguzman - Bridesmaid
Ellie Knight - Bridesmaid
Rachael Payne - Bridesmaid
Jessi Pope - Bridesmaid
Morgan Burke - Bridesmaid
Alyssa Yoder - Bridesmaid
Alan Jones - Best Man
T.J. Harris - Groomsman
Donnie Yoder - Groomsman
Cody Dent - Groomsman
Hunter Price - Groomsman
Colin Moran - Groomsman
Johnny Mannino - Groomsman
Hunter Stafford - Groomsman
Tom Washington - Groomsman
Brandon Monteaux - Groomsman
Connor Amano - Usher
Billy Ramsey - Usher
Alex Schuster - Usher
Mikey Meyers - Usher